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This is an abbreviated collection of notes from the meeting, focusing on actions. If there is anything significant you feel has been left out, please let us know.



- Gather feedback on various areas

- Discuss new ideas for management and production

- Establish and outline vacant positions


Studio arrangement

- Previous studio didn’t have much space to accommodate audio equipment

- new studio has a greater provision of space to alleviate this issue

- Contributors are keen for investment in more audio equipment (ie speakers and digital decks). JAM will follow up with DUSA. Please share any other ideas to raise funds to



- Schedule should be visible on homepage - homepage redesigned as of 21/01

- Contributors keen for a visual livestream - we have enquired about use of a webcam and will provide appropriate updates



- Make raw audio files (and visual files, once livestream is setup) accessible for show hosts - file location established and shared by 20/01

- Contributors ask that a frame with our logo/style accompanies their host photo - will be provided by mid-February - Ideas for interludes between shows include soundbites from Dundee City Centre, snippets/highlights from interviews and promotion for live events and services - follow-up discussions required


Radio content

- Comedy panel show idea approved - radio cast needs to be identified and established for this to run, follow-up discussions required

- Suggestion that more guest appearances and interviews are arranged, ie interview a DJ at local venue before they go on stage

- Fraser Smith suggests creating an outline for how contributors can add value to their productions, ie a list of five things that hosts can try to factor to in to their show, any of which in turn can be used as a promotional snippet - Fraser to buy Callum a brew to discuss over

- Consensus that university societies should commence their own productions on JAM Radio - contact university societies directly


Relationship between JAM Radio and contributors

- Feeling is strongly positive; consensus that JAM is doing a lot for contributors by approaching them

- Establish a dedicated email account for promotions - (may take some time to have this set-up, updates to follow)



- Contributors keen to make arrangements for coverage of Dundee Dance Event (DDE) - make contact with organisers and review schedule

- Calvin Sylvester has invited JAM Radio for involvement in his event at Duke’s Corner running concurrently to DDE - follow up discussion with Calvin required

- Brian ‘Doc’ Wound interested in making arrangements to cover and participate in the Dundee Fringe festival - Callum to catch up with Brian


Please note that the timeframe of some action points depends on the filling of our vacant positions. Please see vacant positions below :



- Propose creative event ideas

- Deliver wider engagement with the radio

- Up to 10 hours a week



- Ensures a quality and varied output. This person would be expected to be familiar with the content in every radio show. This doesn’t mean listening to the duration of every radio show though!

- Devises new and exciting radio shows. This person identifies the kind of programmes we are missing. - Keeps an eye on listener numbers/behaviour

- Manages the radio schedule - we will setup a calendar or diary/planner for this. Recurring shows can be scheduled weeks in advance. Gaps can be filled by specials, one-off event broadcasts and repeats.

- Up to 10 hours a week



- Handle studio technology and instruct presenters how to use equipment

- Supervise live shows

- Up to 6 hours a week (rotational)



- Handles video equipment

- Manages video files and editing

- Up to 5 hours a week


We are also seeking writers of comedy, satire, drama and otherwise.


Contact if you are interested.

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